Our Story

Meet theJuggl Co-founders

Melissa Skoog


Melissa co-founded theJuggl because she recognized a glaring need for a whole-life women’s platform. Prior to launching her communications agency Skoog, Melissa served as VP of Public Relations for Prada USA. She also worked as a merchant for Banana Republic’s women’s division and began her career as an accessories market editor for Vogue and Marie Claire. Her focus at theJuggl is to motivate and inspire our members and mentors, and provide access to experts across life’s spectrum.

Kelly Miller


Kelly co-founded theJuggl to create a space where women could show up for themselves and receive support and wisdom from like-minded women, with no filters. Kelly is a media and ad tech exec with 20+ years of experience in leading positions at media agencies and software companies spanning roles of media buying & planning, data & analytics, technology integrations and customer service. Her focus is to provide theJuggl members and mentors with the highest quality experience possible, online and off.

Our Advisors

Tereasa Surratt

Global Group Creative Director,

“My juggl is being a mom to a 10 year old and a furry 14 year old, marriage to my best friend, my career, running Camp Wandawega and enjoying the juggl of it all.”

Jill Frank

Head of Agency Operations,

“My juggl is being a mom of two juggling co-parenting, a career, a relationship, my health, a pandemic and social unrest; staying present and focused and growing moment by moment amid the balls in the air and knowing which balls are glass, which will bounce back, and which ones to toss out.”

Lisa Hurwitz

CMO, Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur

“My juggl is being right here, right now-for my 2 boys, my husband, my career for my relationships and showing up for myself every day-without looking out too far back or too far forward so I don’t miss life while I’m too busy trying to plan it.”

Erin Sarofsky

Owner & Executive Creative Director, Sarofsky Corp.

“My juggl is never-ending and always evolving. As a person that is never satisfied with the status quo I am always balancing my focus between long term goals with the projet du jour, both at work and home. From preserving and upgrading my ridiculous Victorian home, to building out the studio, to writing a sitcom, to producing dozens
of projects at a time, to juggling the needs and wants of my daughter, husband and work-family, the juggl is real here.”

Why theJuggl

“I jumped at the chance to be a part of this community built by and for women-it’s a resource I wish I had years ago.”

“Every woman needs their own personal board of directors, and at any given time that cast of characters is in rotation.  We’re not meant to do this alone, and thejuggl is building a community of mentorship and connection like no other!”

“Women need to be seen fully-not just in their careers or through their relationships but as the whole, messy, always imperfect humans that we are and theJuggl’s mission to focus on the WHOLE woman is one that speaks to me at my core – how could I pass that up?!”

“theJuggl really spoke to me because it acknowledges, in the forefront, that to do one thing another has to be set aside, for a moment at least. So often we hear about people doing it all and we wonder how – with all the things – that is possible. My hope for theJuggl is that it will be a resource for people to noodle and tweak how and what they are doing so they can keep their individual juggls going. I certainly can use some technique pointers.”