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theJuggl is a Destination for women navigating...

  • Work-Life Integration
  • Mental Health & Mindset Management
  • Career Growth
  • Financial Health & Legacy Impact
  • Relationship Management
  • Self-care & Personal Health


Because let’s face it, 
there is no such thing as 
work-life balance.


Our community of vetted experts is here to guide you on your journey to better work-life integration, time management, and personal fulfillment, and most of all have fun doing it!




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Money, Power and Purpose


Aligning Your Finances with Your Future



Wednesday, September 14

12:00pm cst


The global pandemic has taught us many things, especially the need to proactively manage potential risks that could jeopardize our health and wellbeing. This is the also true for your financial well-being. As you focus on creating a sound future for your organization and professional life, it is essential that you prioritize creating your sound personal future, to ensure you can make the most of your one precious life.


This engaging and interactive workshop will help you:

- Discover essential steps to be in control of your money and fuel your life’s purpose,

- Better understand drivers of your financial behavior and how to cultivate a positive money mindset,

- Develop a framework to create financial resilience, growth and stability,

- Identify actions to optimize your financial resources and align your finances with the vision of your future self.


This is a FREE workshop however, you must register to join us.



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Melissa Skoog


As the Founder and Creator behind theJuggl, I am so excited to welcome you into our community. I built theJuggl based on my own struggle trying to find the support I needed being "in the sandwich" - caring for my children and parents while working full-time - as well as taking care of myself and re-aligning my own priorities as I get older.


In doing so, I've been able to harness my own ability to creatively solve problems while taking care of my family and simultaneously build my brand strategy and PR business, Skoog Co. I hope I can be a beacon for women searching for the help they need to accelerate getting through the hard parts of life while learning to put their needs first - so we all can enjoy life more!


I'm so eager to support you through this platform, but most of all see how you will benefit from this community.




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