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theJuggl is a private membership mentorship platform for women who reach the lifestage when responsibilities multiply, priorities compete and every day poses challenges balancing career, family, friends, and time for ourselves.

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theJuggl is a private, paid membership mentorship platform for women who reach the lifestage when responsibilities multiply, priorities compete and everyday is a challenge to balance career, family, friendships, finances and time for ourselves. We offer on-demand expert content and resources in a supportive & motivating community to help us go from surviving our lives, to thriving.

As career women who also manage so much with our families, extended families and friends, we wanted to create a resource that addresses the competing priorities we experience in our own lives. However, theJuggl is for anyone managing the balancing act of multiple responsibilities while caring for themselves and others. Our Mentors are a diverse group of experts with knowledge in a wide range of categories, so we believe there’s something for everyone on theJuggl.

Members are welcomed into theJuggl community with a personalized dashboard, full access to expert mentor content, opportunities for private 1:1 or group sessions with experts, forums for discussion of the content you’ve viewed and a community of supportive, like-minded people to connect with through your personal messaging center.

When we created theJuggl, it was our top priority to create a safe, welcoming community where everyone would feel comfortable sharing their juggls—and all the vulnerability that comes with that. Our paid membership ensures our community is authentic—no bots, no trolls, just like-minded people who want to truly connect.

theJuggl is also a platform for our Mentors, many of whom are small business owners. The additional fees for private sessions go entirely to our Mentors, and compensates them for their time and talents. At theJuggl, we want to see all ships to rise.

We’ve curated a diverse group of expert Mentors to guide, lead and inspire our members & each other. Our intent is to provide a wide variety of content that addresses and supports the needs of the WHOLE woman.

In our Beta version, Members and Mentors are invited to fill out theJuggl online application to join our community. The Applications for both Members and Mentors can be found throughout the site.

theJuggl platform is built to provide our Members with the best experience possible. Upon application approval, our signup process takes you through a short series of questions to better understand your juggl, so we can suggest the right mentors and provide the most useful, inspiring content.

We are focused on ensuring we maintain a high-quality member base where our entire community feels confident every theJuggl profile is a real human. Through our application process, we request internet links (ex. LinkedIn and others) that will validate and confirm you are exactly who you say you are, so our approval process may take between 24-48 hours.

theJuggl membership is $18.50/month and provides unlimited access to all content from our Mentors. Membership includes a customized dashboard, message center, opportunities for networking and connecting with others in our community, as well as requesting 1:1 private or group mentor sessions with our esteemed mentors. A special promotion will be running during our pre-launch period.

If you don’t wish to continue, you can cancel your membership through your Member dashboard page at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Subscription tab and your membership will not renew. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused memberships periods. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!