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Aug 15, 2022

Note from theJuggl


Hello Jugglrs!


It's Monday and how many of you just looked at your to-do list for the week and sighed a bit thinking "when will this all get done?". I know I sure did! However, what if we all thought about our to-do list a little differently this week? I challenge us all!


Most of us load that list - whether on a piece of paper, on our phones or just floating in our heads - with a bunch of things that really are not necessarily dire to building the life we all want.


What if this week you chose to put things on there that actually help you fuel your purpose? Make YOU the priority. Not the kids, not the spouse, not the job that exhausts you. Just YOU! This will take some self reflection, but that is where we have to start. We need to look inside, figure out what we want, prioritize it and then take the steps to get there. The more we find fulfillment, the more joy we will exude and the happier everyone else will be around us.


If you are not sure where to begin with this challenge join us later this morning (10am cst) for a coffee talk with expert, Terry McDougall. She will be teaching us her best kept secrets on how to master our to do list and make it ours! It Is a FREE workshop and open to all.

Register Here.


Have a great week.





Coffee Talk with Terry McDougall

Mastering Your To-Do List


Tuesday, August 15

10:00am cst


We know it all too well - the dreaded to-do list that never stops growing. What if you had a system that helped you effectively master crossing off those daily tasks? What if your to-do list was filled with things that truly helped you reach your goals? What if you actually enjoyed working through your "must do's"?


Join career coach, Terry McDougall. and theJuggl Founder, Melissa Skoog, for a discussion on how to take on your to-do list with a plan and mindset that will set you up for success and ultimately free up more time to live your best life.




Workshop with Tanya Bugbee

Not Your Average Goal Setting Class



Wednesday, August 24

12:00pm cst


In this workshop we're going to throw out the rule book on goal setting and create new rules that actually work for YOU!


It's so easy to just do what works for everyone else- write it down, create a vision board, keep a journal, etc. But none of them are any good to you if they don't work for you. And let's face it- each time you try to reach a goal and fail, you're reinforcing that story you have about yourself about "just being one of those people who never finishes anything they start."


We are going to put a stop to that. theJuggl expert, Tanya Bugbee, willl be getting real about your goals, and help you create your custom strategy to achieve them. No one size fit's all instructions- just what works for you!


Register HERE


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