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Sept 5, 2022

Note from theJuggl


Hello Jugglrs,


Happy Labor Day! For many of us, today means the end of the summer and a day off of work. We have to remember it’s also a day of tribute. The true intention of today is to celebrate American workers who have made and continue to make important contributions to the success of our country.


Here at theJuggl we are determined to revolutionize female leadership and wellbeing. Women make up nearly half of our country’s workforce. We can be found working at every level in most industries, breaking barriers and crashing through the proverbial glass ceiling. So go have a fun day out in the sun today—but don't forget all of the women, past and present, who dedicate their lives to a better life for all of us.


This month our theme is "Your Personal GPS". We will be discussing all things goals and outcomes. Usually this is reserved for January, but let's be honest - we evolve year round and have to constantly remember where we are going and if it serves our ultimate vision and desire.


We all are guilty of saying "yes" to often, this month we are really going to hone in on what we really want, how we can get there and maneuvering around the roadblocks that we come in contact with.


We get one shot at this thing called life - make it yours and make all your dreams come true.


Have a great month.





theJuggl Updates


We have some new updates in our communication and programming for all of you - our community. One of our goals at theJuggl is to help all of your free up time to live a more fulfilled life. With that being said, we have decided to move our newsletter to once a month. We know how crowded those inboxes can be and so for now we are trying this out and you will catch us the first Monday of every month.


We are thrilled to be kicking off this month a new series called "Lunch and Learn with theJuggl". These will be one hour workshops during the week on a specific topic around our months theme. They will be hosted by 1 or more professionals in the field we are discussing. You will walk away with tangible action items that you can put to work to help you balance theJuggl in your life. Keep reading for details on this month's workshop.


This Fall, we will be taking a break from our weekly IG Lives. You will continue to see great content from our Experts (and myself) on our social feed and in their own respective social accounts. We know that sharing their wisdom with our community is important so you will be getting smaller bites of action oriented and thought provoking material through reels, posts and stories.


Aligning Your Finances with Your Future

Money, Power and Purpose


Wednesday, September 14

12:00-1:00pm cst


The global pandemic has taught us many things, especially the need to proactively manage potential risks that could jeopardize our health and wellbeing. This is the also true for your financial well-being. As you focus on creating a sound future for your organization and professional life, it is essential that you prioritize creating your sound personal future, to ensure you can make the most of your one precious life.


This engaging and interactive workshop will help you:

- Discover essential steps to be in control of your money and fuel your life’s purpose,

- Better understand drivers of your financial behavior and how to cultivate a positive money mindset,

- Develop a framework to create financial resilience, growth and stability,

- Identify actions to optimize your financial resources and align your finances with the vision of your future self.


This is a FREE workshop however, you must register to join us.



If you have any specific questions you would like to submit before the workshop you may do so HERE.



theJuggl's Toolbox


This month is all about following your own personal GPS of life. One of our resident experts, Kareen Walsh, has put together this fabulous workbook to help you get started on your journey. She walks you through some thought provoking questions on how to get clear on what you really want out of life.


CLICK HERE to get an email of your own copy of the workbook.

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